futureyou concept


The way we work is facing a dramatic transformation. Technology is developing at a fast pace and the impact it will have in jobs in the next decade will be huge.

We are not talking about future technologies and trends. We are talking about technologies that already exist and will end jobs like drivers, people answering call center calls, cleaners, doormen. Now take into consideration that machines are learning and artificial intelligence will impact all sorts of knowledge-based jobs such as lawyers, teachers and doctors.

As freelancers increase all over the world, they face several challenges - learn entrepreneurial skills, discipline and self motivation. It can be lonely and bring a lot of instability, both emotionally and financially. There is a need to design a portfolio of careers that brings stability, fulfilment, personal and professional development. Not to mention self-care and wellbeing.

I am not fulfilled, there must be more. Even if you have a job it doesn’t mean you are fulfilled. According to Gallup, only 30% of employees are engaged at work globally. More and more people want to find meaning in what they do and how they live. The current model that puts profit first is not working - for the planet and for humanity. More people are asking Why am I here? What do I really want out of life?

At the same time, we never had so many possibilities to design our life and work. We can work from anywhere, at any time. Digital nomads, global citizens and entrepreneurs are booming and designing business that are location independent. Companies are reviewing their policies to allow remote work and flexible hours. Experiments with self managed teams where employees have autonomy and agency to design how they work are growing all around the world.

Navigate uncertainty and design our future is one of the most important skills of our time.

We believe complexity will increase over time. Learn to navigate change and innovate in life is fundamental. futureyou exists to help more people live a meaningful and thriving life by creating the work that make it possible, day after day,