Preparando empresas para o futuro, uma prática de cada vez


In a time of exponencial development in technology, we believe in the need of an exponential development in human relationships. One guiding question for us is how can we design organisations that enable humans to thrive and have a real and positive impact on the world? We know the pace of change can be overwhelming. We meet your organisation where you are and guide you and your team step by step.


Sandra does regular talks, from big events to Executive Briefings about the Future of Work and How to design future-fit businesses. Get in touch to explore how a talk could bring inspiration and create change inside your organisation.

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Cultura e liderança

Rapid changes in technology and ways of working require new skills, new adaptability, and re-envisioning what leadership and culture look like to ensure organisations and their talent are future-fit. If it looks like we aren't learning fast enough to keep up with the capabilities needed, is it possible to design an organisation where people learn all the time? We create learning experiences to accelerate collaboration and innovation, one practice at a time.

Estratégia e inovação

From 1 to 5 day innovation sprints to co-create new products, services and business. We start by curating a diverse group of professionals from inside and outside the company and use cutting edge methodologies such as the Mesa Method and Google Sprint to solve complex challenges in a short period of time.


Descubra como a Vagas, empresa pioneira em modelos horizontais de trabalho no Brasil, disse sim ao propósito. Clique aqui para baixar o estudo de caso.


Parte de uma rede global

Sandra is a shareholder of Enspiral, a global network of impact entrepreneurs and ventures that has built a global reputation for experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing and organisational design for nearly a decade. She is also co-founder of the Future of Work Collective, a team of strategic and innovation consultants focused in helping organisations and teams transition to new ways of working. Those networks allow us to bring the right talent to each project and apply concepts and methods used by the most progressive organisations around the world to navigate the future.