Developing the structure and leadership to grow your business

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Founders have a lot on their plates. The pace of change and the complexity of the challenges we face today require a complete new set of skills and ways to run a business. The time of the leader that had all the answers is long gone: to develop a thriving business we need radical collaboration. From business coaching sessions and Strategy Journeys to developing your team and finding a community of peers, here is the place to get started.

Business coaching

Been an entrepreneur is an exciting journey. But it can be lonely. Having someone with real experience to share your challenges and together find solutions can be extremely helpful, accelerating the learning and the results.

Developing the structures to grow

How to design the right structures that allow your business to grow whilst being resilient and relevant? Together we will implement processes and tools that enable a culture of co-creation and co-responsibility. Some of the work include Participatory Strategy sessions, Team practices and Meeting practices that you can apply immediately.

Team Development

We offer a series of workshops and masterclasses to equip you and your team with the skills you need to become a future-fit professional.


You arrived in a time Mesa was a small company, and you believed in us. That was extraordinary. You helped us create processes and take our strategic planning seriously - something that proved essential for us. Your passion (that you bring to everything you do) showed us, meeting after meeting, that a business doesn’t exist just for profit. We are now expanding overseas, exactly what we dreamed in the beginning.Thank you for all the care, the patience and the work to help us grow”

Barbara Soalheiro, founder, the Mesa Method