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futureyou is a platform to help individuals and teams navigate the future, one experiment at a time.

From those searching for what’s next in their lives to founders willing to grow their business or companies looking to develop future-fit teams. futureyou offers tools, programs and experiences designed by a team that has been living the future of work for 15 years.

Our mission is to empower you to live a meaningful and thriving life by designing and developing the work that makes it possible.


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Thinking about what’s next in your life? Looking for more meaning in what you do? Explore new possibilities and get ready to design your future.

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business? Develop the structures and leadership to run a successful business and a thriving life.

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Are you a corporate looking to develop a future-fit business? We are passionate about workplaces where people thrive, collaborate and innovate.

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Sandra Chemin, founder

I have been passionate about innovation and learning by doing all my life. I co-founded five different businesses and experienced the journey from start-up to selling it to a multinational company. A wrong cancer diagnosis in my family was the beginning of a deep personal transformation that took me to more than 30 different countries. Over the past 25 years, I reinvented myself several times. I found out the mindset and tools to innovate in business are similar to innovate in life. And they start with a small step you can do today.


“Each mentoring session gave me more clarity of my purpose and business. The program is structured in a way that accelerates our transformation, in a pace that seems natural. I already had the answers, but my journey would have been much longer if I was alone. I had the opportunity to access shortcuts and several insights that we created together. Not to say your life story is inspiring!”

Danilo Superbi



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