futureyou has different formats: workshops, individual mentoring and a 3-month cohort based program. We believe in the importance of real experience, global perspective, a learning by doing approach and peer support. By participating in one of our programs, you will join a global community of future navigators sharing their discoveries and learnings.

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futureyou program

Amplify will broaden your views of the possibilities ahead. You will reflect on where you are and connect with others with similar quests.

Embrace: Transformation requires knowing who you are and why you make the choices you make. Identify patterns and what moves you.

Reframe: Choose the lifestyle and experiences you want to live and only after that design the work that makes it possible.

Your future of work: design possible models of work including portfolio of careers, starting your business or choosing companies aligned with your values.

Learn by doing: Action mode. Choose an experiment, try possible ideas of work, test and validate them. Get feedback from your peers. Share, celebrate, evolve.